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  1. Date Updated: 04/08/2014
    It is with sadness that we announce the news that Free Realms will end March 31, 2014. We’ve had many incredible experiences with you over the years. We’ve fought epic battles and made unbelievable...
  2. Date Updated: 04/08/2014
    All about Collections: Collections are groups of items that can be found all over the Free Realms world. Complete collections to earn coins, experience and even exclusive items! If you spot a sparkly...
  3. Date Updated: 04/08/2014
    All About the TCG There are so many cool and unique parts to the Trading Card Game that we made a website just for the TCG . You'll find Strategy Guides, Featured Rewards, things to help you get...
  4. Date Updated: 04/08/2014
    Station Cash™ (SC) is virtual money that is used in Free Realms to buy premium in-game gear and rewards. Station Cash is bought with real money through the Station cash Marketplace. Frequently Asked...
  5. Date Updated: 04/08/2014
    In Free Realms combat takes place in Battles . Battles are separate areas that players can go to fight enemies and do combat quests. Battles will have an icon letting you know that you can start the...
  6. If the game is running slowly on your computer, here are some steps to check: Minimum Requirements: Ask your parents to check and see if your computer has what it needs to play, referred to as the...
  7. Date Updated: 04/08/2014
    Below are instructions for finding out what video card is in your computer: In Windows Vista/7: Click on the Start button. Type dxdiag in the Search Bar on the bottom, then hit Enter, or click on...
  8. Your computer will need to have the following to play Free Realms on a PC ™: One of our suggested video cards Intel Pentium 4 or greater processor Windows XP or Windows Vista Broadband internet...
  9. Date Updated: 04/08/2014
    We're sorry if you've run across a bug in Free Realms. We try to make the game as fun and problem free as we can. If something goes wrong, you should let us know so we can fix it! To tell us about a...
  10. Date Updated: 04/08/2014
    You can play Free Realms with these browsers: Internet Explorer Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome Safari Ask your parents if you need help using an internet browser to play the game.
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